When God Speaks

 by Rod Tucker in Thoughts

When we read Gen. 1: 1-2 we begin to see some unique qualities in regard to what happens when God speaks.
We notice that God’s response to a big chaotic mess is to speak. He sees something not as He would like it and so God speaks into it, and changes its DNA.
When God speaks He brings order.
God’s speaking seems to always be transformative.
When God speaks things get weird.
Sometimes God has the tendency to say something that has never been heard before. For instance, “Let there be light.” If light did not yet exist and God spoke it into being, this might come across as something violently new. So new, that is simply feels weird.
So ask yourself these questions:
1. Is there a mess in my life right now?
2. Is God bringing order to anything?
3. Is transformation happening?
4. Am I witnessing anything weird?
If your answer to any of these is “yes,” you might be in the middle of a huge opportunity to witness God speaking.

Rod TuckerWhen God Speaks