On Worship

 by Rod Tucker in Thoughts

When Israel was finally freed from the iron grip of Egyptian slavery, they got out of there pretty quickly before the Pharaoh had any time to change his mind . Exodus 12 tells us that these newly freed people did not even wait for the yeast to make their bread rise. Instead, they quickly packed and headed out.

And then trouble happens. The Egyptians decide to pursue the Israelites to kill them. And to keep this blog from becoming nauseatingly long, God steps in and swallows the Egyptians up in the sea.

And then in Exodus 15:29 Miriam and all of the Israelite women break out their tambourines and begin worshiping God.


If you had to leave Egypt in a hurry, did not even have time to let your bread rise, and had to pack more quickly than you ever had in your life… why would you take the time to make sure you brought your musical instrument?

Seems odd at first glance doesn’t it?

But maybe worship and freedom are related. Maybe you can’t have one without the other.

Way to go Miriam.

May we live in freedom, like the Israelites, and run courageously into the open spaces God has for us.

But let us not forget to bring our tambourines.

Rod TuckerOn Worship