by Rod Tucker in Thoughts

Throughout Scripture and throughout our lives we can see a common thread – there is an Enemy (whether this is called Satan, the Devil, the serpent, etc.) who is fighting against humans. We are the only branch of creation that God made in His image, and this is precisely what makes us human. This leads the Enemy to do everything in his power to de-humanize us. He tempts us to strive to become perfect, like God, having flawless appearances, unparalleled success, and enviable moral character. But the lie he speaks goes further than simply becoming better people. On the flip side, he tells us that we are animals: dirty, primitive, and unworthy of meaningful relationships. We see this message mirrored in the culture around us. In short, we attempt to achieve perfection, and in failing to do so, we believe that we are less than human. This makes us try harder to become perfect, and this vicious cycle keeps our focus continually on ourselves. In a spiritual sense, we try to reach holiness through attaining a sinless life. The results are the same. We fail to achieve perfection and ultimately, end up feeling like we are useless in the Kingdom of God.  Sin, or the attempt to not sin by overcoming a specific struggle becomes our focus, instead of honest living, giving and receiving grace, and being Christ to other people.

1 John 1:7 says that if we walk in the light we can have fellowship.  Not we will have fellowship if we overcome anything individually.  Not even if we become better Christians and make friends with others whom we perceive to be better Christians.  We will have fellowship if we walk in the light.  The difference between living in the light and living in darkness is that things which are in the light are visible for what they truly are.  Nothing is visible in a dark room.  Secrets are darkness.    But when we walk in the light, as God is in the light, giving and receiving grace can be such great fellowship!  This is how we are called to live.

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