by Rod Tucker in Thoughts

Fishing in Bible times looked like this:

1. One boat would cast a large net all the way to the bottom of a lake.

2. This large net trapped fish so that a smaller net could bring them in.

3. This fishing all occurred on ONE side of the boat.

So in John 21:6 Jesus tells his disciples to cast their net to the right (or other) side of the boat. When I read this passage I hear Jesus saying to cast the smaller of the two nets into a section of the lake where the fish are not trapped by a bigger net. Craziness to the professional fisherman.

However, the disciples obey and catch 153 large fish! It must have been a faith step to obey Jesus rather than trusting what they had already set into place for success.

What is Jesus telling you to trust him with? Does it sound crazy? Will you obey?

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